History of Beaux Arts

Monday, November 9, 1959, on invitation from the Fort Lauderdale Art Center Board and Junior League, to form the Beaux Arts group, approximately fifty active and culturally inclined women met with President Stephen Bowen of the Art Center, Mrs. Russell Pancoast, Mrs. Jon M. Dyer, President of the Miami group, and Mr. Clay Aldrich, Director of Miami's Lowe Gallery. 

Another preliminary meeting was held on November 30, 1959, where a slate of officers was voted upon, tentative by-laws and dues set, regular meetings scheduled and objectives of the group clearly stated. 

The following women are the charter members of Beaux Arts:

Lee Amlie
Jan Bellows
Barbara Bonneau
Evelyn Bowen
Eleanor Briggs
Julie Brown
Petey Buchholz
Margaret Campbell
Kalo Cardozzo
Marty Clark
Nancy Coulton
Dottie Crawford
Grace Dale
Gertrude David
Dorothy diBonoventura
Ann Dutcher
Elizabeth Duval
Ellen Fisher
Louemma French
Joyce GardnerJackie Glerum
Fran Goodwin
Betty Lou Gore
Alice Goudy
Jan Heinrich
Lorraine Hinnant
Mary Jean Jones
Winifred Kinney
Ann Klauser
Mary Lou Krause
Marie Kresge
Stevie Leeby
Mary Mallinson
Cricket Matthews
Yolanda Maurer
Tinker McCauley
Edythe McCowan
Hermine Miller
Pat O'Bryan
Betty OsborneElaine Pettijohn
Ann Riddle
Betty Lou Rose
Sandra Ross
Marilyn Sabin
Kathleen Sabourin
Peggy Sanford
Mary Lou Siefker
Roz Squires
Helen Steinborg
Leslie Stevens
Marilyn Storrs
Jinty Struble
Ruth Sukys
Edie Sullivan
Fran Temple
Mary Jane Tucker
Dollie Walker
Marilyn Warner

 *Beaux Arts History from its inception in 1959 through 1975-76 year. Based on the board and general minutes to the best of various Recording Secretaries' abilities. Compiled into this chronological form by Sandra Ross, Historian, 1975-76. Any deletion, omission or rearrangement of events happens to the best historical reports and done here purely by accident and lack of memory. 

 1959 - 1960
The first regular meeting of Beaux Arts of the Fort Lauderdale Art Center was held on Monday, December 7, 1959. Mrs. Gertrude Link Davis was elected President. In 1959, Junior League held Promenade de Paris with Betty Landrum as Chairman, to raise money for the new Art Center's support. The new group voted to accept Promenade de Paris from Junior League as Beaux Art's moneymaking project. The date selected was Friday, November 4, 1960 in celebration of the third anniversary of the opening of the Art Center. Betty Lou Rose was appointed Chairman and Pat O'Bryan, Co-Chairman. Due to this mammoth undertaking by a new organization, the by-laws were waived and ten new members joined Beaux Arts in October of 1960.