History of Beaux Arts

Monday, November 9, 1959, on invitation from the Fort Lauderdale Art Center Board and Junior League, to form the Beaux Arts group, approximately fifty active and culturally inclined women met with President Stephen Bowen of the Art Center, Mrs. Russell Pancoast, Mrs. Jon M. Dyer, President of the Miami group, and Mr. Clay Aldrich, Director of Miami's Lowe Gallery. 

Another preliminary meeting was held on November 30, 1959, where a slate of officers was voted upon, tentative by-laws and dues set, regular meetings scheduled and objectives of the group clearly stated. 

The following women are the charter members of Beaux Arts:

Lee Amlie
Jan Bellows
Barbara Bonneau
Evelyn Bowen
Eleanor Briggs
Julie Brown
Petey Buchholz
Margaret Campbell
Kalo Cardozzo
Marty Clark
Nancy Coulton
Dottie Crawford
Grace Dale
Gertrude David
Dorothy diBonoventura
Ann Dutcher
Elizabeth Duval
Ellen Fisher
Louemma French
Joyce GardnerJackie Glerum
Fran Goodwin
Betty Lou Gore
Alice Goudy
Jan Heinrich
Lorraine Hinnant
Mary Jean Jones
Winifred Kinney
Ann Klauser
Mary Lou Krause
Marie Kresge
Stevie Leeby
Mary Mallinson
Cricket Matthews
Yolanda Maurer
Tinker McCauley
Edythe McCowan
Hermine Miller
Pat O'Bryan
Betty OsborneElaine Pettijohn
Ann Riddle
Betty Lou Rose
Sandra Ross
Marilyn Sabin
Kathleen Sabourin
Peggy Sanford
Mary Lou Siefker
Roz Squires
Helen Steinborg
Leslie Stevens
Marilyn Storrs
Jinty Struble
Ruth Sukys
Edie Sullivan
Fran Temple
Mary Jane Tucker
Dollie Walker
Marilyn Warner


*Beaux Arts History from its inception in 1959 through 1975-76 year. Based on the board and general minutes to the best of various Recording Secretaries' abilities. Compiled into this chronological form by Sandra Ross, Historian, 1975-76. Any deletion, omission or rearrangement of events happens to the best historical reports and done here purely by accident and lack of memory. 


1959 - 1960
The first regular meeting of Beaux Arts of the Fort Lauderdale Art Center was held on Monday, December 7, 1959. Mrs. Gertrude Link Davis was elected President. In 1959, Junior League held Promenade de Paris with Betty Landrum as Chairman, to raise money for the new Art Center's support. The new group voted to accept Promenade de Paris from Junior League as Beaux Art's moneymaking project. The date selected was Friday, November 4, 1960 in celebration of the third anniversary of the opening of the Art Center. Betty Lou Rose was appointed Chairman and Pat O'Bryan, Co-Chairman. Due to this mammoth undertaking by a new organization, the by-laws were waived and ten new members joined Beaux Arts in October of 1960. 

1960 - 1961
Gertrude Link Davis (Mrs. Len) served as President. Beaux Arts Board Meetings were established to be held monthly, prior to the regular meetings, usually on Thursdays.

For the Spring project, a drawing of an oil portrait by Hugo Walters was held. $700 was raised for the Art Center. 

In April, 1961, four women were invited to join Beaux Arts.

1961 - 1962
The President, for a second term, was Gertrude Link Davis. Promenade was held on December 1, 1961 with Jan Heinrich, Chairman, and Jan Carlisle, Co-Chairman. $8,000 was given to the Art Center for operating expenses as a result of this Promenade.

The Spring saw Beaux Arts sponsor a Jazz Concert and create the By-law establishing Honorary Membership.

Seven women were invited into Beaux Arts membership in April, 1962.

1962 - 1963
Fran Young Temple (Mrs. Fred) took the gavel. A publicity "thank you" to people of the community who helped Promenade was organized in the form of a white elephant coffee. Jinty Struble was the first Chairman and also gave it the formal name, "Boutique Coffee." It was held October 30, 1962 at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Richard Kirkpatrick. The guests were requested to bring a resaleable item with which to stock Promenade's Flea Market.

Promenade Chairman, Stevie Leeby, scheduled the big day for November 30, 1962. The idea of a Promenade program was started this year. Beaux Arts members were assessed for selling 20 each, donation and admission tickets. Problems with large electric, police and construction bills arose. It was decided to grin and bear the cost and learn by our experiences. A unanimous vote to keep Promenade as our yearly fund raising project overcame all problems!

A party for the children from Art Center members' families was started and one was held each year through 1974. The Beaux Arts Special Purchase Award was established to start a permanent collection of local children's works by purchasing the winner of the children's show for $25.00.

Sixteen women were invited into Beaux Arts membership in April, 1963.

In May, a motion was made and passed fixing the official name of Promenade. Motion read: "Beaux Arts Promenade of 1963." Each year, of course, the date would change.

1963 - 1964
Stevie Leeby (Mrs. Lawrence) became President. In September, 1963, the President's Fund was established. $50.00 to be contributed in the name of each President at the end of her term. The money will then accumulate, later purchasing a worthwhile gift in their honor.

The Art Center organized the Friends of the Museum to help in the area of support that Beaux Arts did not cover.

Boutique Coffee was held November 8, 1963 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Lake with Fran Temple serving as Chairman.

$10,000 was pledged to the Art Center in budget. Promenade was planned for November 22, 1963 with Gertrude Davis, Chairman, and Ailene Hubert, Co-Chairman. Promenade was completely erected and ready to open when word of the assassination of President Kennedy came. Promenade came down as Beaux Arts joined the world in mourning his death. It was rescheduled for the next Friday, November 29, 1963, and the townspeople responded in droves to help with the financial burden of constructing two Promenades. Gross receipts were $37,300. The Art Center received $13,500. Las Olas merchants wrote to encourage Beaux Arts to continue with Promenade and the group voted 100% to have another Promenade.

In April, 1964, the Spring Party honoring new members and all Beaux Arts husbands or escorts was established. Eight women were invited into membership that year.

Motion approved to change name of organization from Beaux Arts of the Fort Lauderdale Art Center, Inc. to Beaux Arts of the Fort Lauderdale Museum of the Arts, Inc. By-Law was made and passed that Beaux Arts members must be Museum members. 

1964 - 1965
Our leader was Joyce Gardner (Mrs. Russell). A Press Party was given, serving lunch with wine to honor all newspaper, magazine, TV and radio people who gave Promenade free advertising. Press parties continued for five years through 1969.

Boutique Coffee, organized by Carrie Jean Gilbert and Virginia Peck, took place on October 22, 1964 at the Stefan's home.

Promenade was held November 20, 1964 under the capable leadership of Mary Lou Krause and Winnie Kinney.

In December, a motion was made and passed that Beaux Arts give an annual award every Spring to an outstanding member for spirit, service and willing cooperation, exclusive of Promenade Chairmen and the Office of President. Permanently known as the Beaux Arts Girl of the Year Award, Sandra Ross was the first recipient of this honor.

The first social evening was held at Pompano Park Harness Track. They were held for the next eleven years through 1975. 

In April, 1965, seven women were invited to join Beaux Arts membership.

1965 - 1966
Joyce Gardner served her second year as our President.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ozmun graciously opened their home for Boutique Coffee. Betty Lou Gore and Jean Wagner served as Co-Chairmen.

Beaux Arts sixth Promenade was held November 19, 1965 under the Chairmanship of Ludie Thomas, with Martha Doetsch serving as Co-Chairman.

In May, 1966, on a letter of suggestion by Pat O'Bryan to the By-Laws Committee, Associate status was extended to any Beaux Arts member having served seven active years of service, or having reached the age of 55 years.

Membership invited eight women to join Beaux Arts.

Maureen Lubbers was honored with the Beaux Arts Girl of the Year Award for 1966. 

1966 - 1967
Mary Lou Krause (Mrs. Dwight) served as Beaux Arts President.

During the Summer of 1966, the Art Center Director, Shubert Jones, resigned and John Kowalek was hired as the Museum's Director. He was sincerely welcomed by Beaux Arts membership.

On October 26, 1966, Boutique Coffee was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Goodwin. Hermine Miller and Fran Goodwin served as Co-Chairmen. The wrappings of items donated for the Flea Market was discontinued since many unuseable things were received.

February, 1967, Beaux Arts underwrote and sponsored the Collectors Choice Show at the Museum.

February 24, 1967, Promenade was held with Joanne Johnsen and Helen Steinborg as Co-Chairmen. A decision was made by the Promenade Committee on a recommendation from the City Commission of Fort Lauderdale to change the location of Promenade and hold the affair during the "season." It was in the municipal parking lot under the East Las Olas Bridge, and Beaux Arts was credited with creating the worst parking and traffic jam in history. It piled up huge electrical and security problems. The most entertaining idea of this Promenade was the Beaux Armada. A flotilla of boats cruised the waterway in light and decorations and it was a magnificent sight.

In April, 1967, the Museum suffered a fire. The office area was completely damaged, but the exhibit and painting storage area sustained only smoke damage. Beaux Arts responded with $500 to the disaster fund and the complete physical help of its members.

Eight women were invited to join Beaux Arts during April, 1967.

The Beaux Arts Girl of the Year Award honored Lee Lloyd Tatem. 

1967 - 1968
Beaux Arts this year was lead by President, Winnie Kinney (Mrs. Henry). Boutique Coffee took place in October at the Thomas Sheldon home on Laguna Drive. 

Due to many reasons, Beaux Arts was looking for a new location for Promenade. Through the help of Roger and Julie Brown, Mr. Frederick Van Lennep graciously offered Pompano Park Harness Track as the new home. On recommendation from the Board to the general membership, acceptance of his generous offer carried. Since the magnitude of this undertaking was not known, it was decided to employ the talents of all the past Promenade Chairmen and Co-Chairmen as the Steering Committee: 

Betty Landrum (Honorary Member of Steering Committee)


Betty Lou Rose
Jan Heinrich
Ailene Hubert
Mary Lou Krause
Ludie ThomasPat O'Bryan
Stevie Leeby
Winnie Kinney
Helen SteinborgJan Carlisle
Gertrude Davis
Martha Doetsch
Joanne Johnsen


Mary Lou Krause acted as Executive Secretary. Promenade was held January 7, 1968, five days before the start of their racing season. It was to continue at Pompano Park Harness Track for nine years. Our only major litigation arose from this Promenade. The rock group called the Soul Survivors had been hired to play. They played early in the evening but would not play the second show, as a small amount of rain had fallen. Because of their electrical equipment they felt it wasn't safe. Through the resourcefulness of Roger Brown who got a weather report, certified as to the exact amount and time of the rain, plus the perseverance of Jack Krause and legal technicalities, the sum of $1,500 was returned to the Museum directly from the Soul Survivors' Manager one year later. 

In early 1968, Mr. Kowalek resigned as Museum Director, and Edna Allen was appointed Acting Interim-Director of the Museum. 

In April of 1968, it was moved and passed that the term, "Nova" Member be changed to "Junior" Member. Also passed was that a position of Second Vice President be established. It was discovered to be in contrast with the By-Laws and was abolished in the fall of 1968. 

Thirteen new members joined us in April, 1968. 

The Beaux Arts Girl of the Year Award went to Marie Morse. 

1968 - 1969
Julie Brown (Mrs. Roger) was elected to serve as Beaux Arts President for the 1968-1969 year. 

Nicolas Lotz was hired as Administrative Director of the Museum and Edna Allen remained as Curator. Discussion and many referendums to relocate the Museum failed. Through it all, with the continued support of Beaux Arts, the Museum grew and prospered. 

Boutique Coffee was held on October 30 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Stephanis in Pompano. Jinty Struble was Chairman. 

Our second Promenade at Pompano Park Harness Track was held November 29 and 30, 1968. It was the first two-day Promenade. Chairmen for this event were Sandra Ross and Ludie Thomas. 

Mr. Lotz resigned in March and Edna Allen continued as Museum Director. 

Beaux Arts invited seven women to membership. 

Mary Lou Krause received the Girl of the Year Award honor. 

The Museum began plans to move to 426 East Las Olas Boulevard. 

1969 - 1970
Joanne Johnsen (Mrs. David) was President. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Behring offered their home for the Boutique Coffee. Carrie Jean Gilbert and Anna McDaniel were Co-Chairmen. 

Bill Turner was hired as Museum Director with Edna Allen remaining as Curator. 

Promenade was held December 5 and 6 at Pompano Park Harness Track. Sandra Ross and Ginny Gilbert were Co-Chairmen. As per recommendation of the Evaluation Committee that known entertainment be hired, Sammy Spear and Orchestra entertained on Saturday night and Rick Shaw, a popular local deejay, appeared on Friday. A Museum pledge of $10,000 was paid. 

On February 5, 1970 the motion was made and carried to co-sponsor the First Annual Las Olas Sidewalk Art Show with the Friends of the Museum on March 20, 21 and 22, 1970. Phyllis Bush was the first Chairman for Beaux Arts. 

Bill Turner resigned as Museum Director and Edna Allen resumed the Directorship. A unanimous vote was held to continue with Promenade as our major fund raising project at Pompano Park Harness Track. 

An award of recognition was made to eight Beaux Arts members who had served ten active years in Beaux Arts. The following were presented miniature paintings done by a Beaux Arts artist member: Lee Amlie, Julie Brown, Louemma French, Hermine Miller, Sandra Ross, Marylou Siefker, Helen Steinborg, and Leslie Stevens. 

Five women were invited to join Beaux Arts Junior status in April. 

Kitty Frazier was presented the Beaux Arts Girl of the Year Award. 

1970 - 1971
Jane Polk (Mrs. George) was elected to serve as Beaux Arts President for this year. 

During the summer of 1970, George Bolge was hired as the Director of the Museum. 

Boutique Coffee was held October 28 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Friedmann. Jean-Faye Friedt and Jane Hesson served as Co-Chairmen. 

It was discovered that our corporation name, though legally changed years ago, was still listed wrong in Tallahassee. A motion was passed to correct it to read "Beaux Arts of the Fort Lauderdale Museum of the Arts Inc." Through the determined assistance of Jim Gilbert it was corrected. 

Motion passed to write and congratulate Mr. Bolge on arrangement and presentation of the excellent shows since his appointment as Director. 

Promenade was scheduled for November 20 and 21, 1970. Marion Packard and Lee Amile were Chairmen. The new idea of expanding Promenade into more community involvement by having Civic and Commercial Exhibitors and International Foods was a marvelous new feature. The new orange and yellow tops with Beaux Arts emblems were very well received. Promenade hit big time TV with the winners of the "Dating Game" receiving a trip to Promenade and Fort Lauderdale. A pledge of $10,000 and a $4,000 bonus was paid the Museum. 

The Beaux Arts Education Program assisting the Museum in art education and docent training was established this year. 

In January, 1971 a final decision on Beaux Arts Memorial was presented and carried. It reads, "That a Beaux Arts Memorial Fund be created and that the money in the fund will be held in the restricted funds of the Fort Lauderdale Museum of the Arts, Inc. This fund will be used to purchase items for the permanent collection for the Fort Lauderdale Museum of the Arts made under the direction of the Museum Director." Monetary gifts given by family and friends in memory of deceased members will be accepted. 

In April, 1971 the Second Annual Las Olas Art Festival was held with Julie Brown as Beaux Arts Chairman. 

Twelve new members received invitations to join Beaux Arts. 

Laura Benam was the Beaux Arts Girl of the Year. 

1971 - 1972
Carrie Jean Gilbert (Mrs. J.C.) was Beaux Arts President. 

Boutique Coffee responsibility was assumed by the Associates. Jean Wagner was appointed Chairman, with Mary Jean Jones and Betty Lou Gore being Co-Chairmen for their group. It was held October 27 at the Richard See Holson home. 

Promenade was held, under the capable leadership of Anna McDaniel and Joanne Johnsen, on November 23 and 24, 1971. A Beaux Arts cookbook was compiled by Mary Lou Klier from recipes submitted by the members to be on sale during Promenade and in the Museum Gift Shop afterwards. $25,000 was given to the Museum; $10,000 over our pledge of $15,000! 

In March, 1972 a motion passed that the President contact each person under the age of 55 on our Associate roll, offering them the privilege of returning to active status on an annual basis. 

Also in March of 1972, a motion passed that Beaux Arts host two "thank you" affairs each year…one after Promenade and the other after Spring Project. Attendance should be mandatory. The general membership deleted the second affair the following year. 

The Third Annual Las Olas Art Festival was held March 24, 25 and 26 with Bette Coningsby as Chairman for Beaux Arts. 

April afforded Beaux Arts the opportunity to extend invitations for membership to thirteen women. 

Jo Williams was honored with the Beaux Arts Girl of the Year Award. 

1972 - 1973
Beaux Arts President was Sandra Ross (Mrs. Richard). 

Boutique Coffee was scheduled for October 26 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Whiddon. Ludie Thomas, Chairman, and Kitty Frazier, Co-Chairman, wrote letters to all fifty governors' wives asking for their favorite recipes. These recipes will be printed as a supplement to our Beaux Arts cookbook. 

Promenade Chairman, Marie Morse, and Co-Chairman, Dori Winterholler, planned Promenade for November 17, 18 and 19, 1972. The Antique Exhibitors of Promenade was established. Everyone wore "Ask me about Promenade" buttons and a decision to open on Sunday was made. It was the first year we grossed over $100,000 and $45,000 was given to the Museum…three times our $15,000 pledge! 

At the January 15, 1973 meeting of the Board of Trustees a motion was unanimously carried regarding a permanent resolution to express the deep appreciation for the untiring efforts and dedication of the Beaux Arts organization to the Museum. A copy of this document is on the next page. 

The Fourth Annual Las Olas Art Festival was scheduled for March 23, 24 and 25. Bette Coningsby was Chairman for Beaux Arts. The City Commission agreed to close off part of Las Olas Boulevard to traffic during the Spring Festival. 

In April, 1973, nine women were invited into Beaux Arts membership. 

Betty Welch was honored with the Girl of the Year Award. 

1973 - 1974
Maureen Lubbers (Mrs. Robert) was selected to serve as Beaux Arts President for this year. 

The home of Dr. and Mrs. Willis Dickens was the site of the October 25 Boutique Coffee. Jo Williams served as Active Chairman and Jane Polk as Associate Co-Chairman. 

Promenade was held on November 16, 17 and 18. Dorothy Morton served as Chairman with Fran Andreae, Mary Tucker and Louemma French as Co-Chairmen. It was a great success and as a thank you gift to Pompano Park Harness Track, Beaux Arts bought a forty-foot Norfolk Pine and had it planted in front of the clubhouse with an appropriate plaque. This tree has flourished, just as Beaux Arts has. Much discussion about Promenade was held and the future of it was uncertain. The consensus of opinion seemed to be that either we hold a full Fair with much profit, or a cultural event making less profit. A motion carried for a committee to study new ideas and locations. 

The Fifth Annual Las Olas Art Festival with Katy Darr as Chairman for Beaux Arts transformed Las Olas Boulevard into an artist's dream on March 23 and 24. 

In April of 1974, fourteen women were invited to join Beaux Arts. 

The Girl of the Year Award was won by Ginny Gilbert. 

1974 - 1975
The President of Beaux Arts was Anna McDaniel (Mrs. Grover). 

Boutique Coffee was held at the lovely Harbor Beach home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steele, October 2, 1974. Chairman was Carrie Jean Gilbert. Associate, Linda Curran, served as Co-Chairman. 

Jean-Faye Friedt, Nedra Edwards and Thea Keese served as Promenade Co-Chairmen. The big weekend was November 1, 2 and 3, 1974. Museum members' children had outgrown their intended purposes at this time. On recommendation from this Committee, a motion was carried that scholarships be provided for the Museum Art classes, including any supplies needed, to be given to as many disadvantaged children as our budget permits. Eleven underprivileged children participated in the first classes. 

The Sixth Annual Las Olas Sidewalk Art Festival was held March 22 and 23, with Las Olas again blocked off to traffic from the Tunnel to Himmarshee Bridge. An estimated 75,000 to 100,000 persons attended. Katy Darr was Chairman for Beaux Arts. 

In April, 1975, twenty-two women were invited to join Beaux Arts membership. 

In May of 1975, the Budget Committee increased the $50.00 contributed in out-going President's name to $200.00. This is used as an acquisition fund for art purchases. 

Louemma French received the 1975 Girl of the Year Award, commended for her spirit, service and cooperation. 

1975 - 1976
Beaux Arts President was Fran Andreae (Mrs. Robert). 

Boutique Coffee was held at the Sea Ranch Lake home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Held on October 9. Elizabeth Mayer was Chairman; Fran Temple, Co-Chairman. 

Promenade 1975 was chaired by Dawn Young and Barbara Hyatt. It was held on November 14, 15 and 16 with a Bicentennial theme, including displays and historically-costumed people. A parade of bands, floats, dignitaries, horses with costumed riders and Bicentennial hullabaloo made a grand entrance Saturday afternoon around the track. Beaux Arts made a contribution of $70,000 to the Museum from this Promenade. 

A new Research and Development Committee of three was formed to investigate projects and changes for the future of Promenade. It was their feeling that Promenade should be brought back to Fort Lauderdale, retaining the Promenade essence and eliminating the undesirable elements, while expanding in the areas of foods, arts, crafts, sports, music and total community participation. The Board motion carried to return Promenade to Fort Lauderdale. On the Board's recommendation, the membership decided after nine years at Pompano Park Harness Track to thank the Van Lenneps most profusely for their help and assistance and return to our city, Fort Lauderdale. The City Commission approved Beaux Arts' request for the three-day use of Holiday Park and War Memorial Auditorium for Promenade 1976. 

On March 27 and 28, the Seventh Annual Las Olas Art Festival took place with Katy Darr serving as Beaux Arts Chairman. This was a quality show with 238 artists exhibiting from all over the country. 

In April, 1976, eight women were invited into Beaux Arts membership. 

The Girl of the Year Award went to Katy Darr, a most willing and diligent worker. 

1976 - 1977
President of Beaux Arts was Jean-Faye Friedt (Mrs. Theodore). 

The Boutique Coffee was chaired by Anna McDaniel and Janet Moody. It was held October 14 at the Harbor Beach home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Farber. 

Promenade 1976 opened a whole new realm of Beaux Arts organizational ability. It showed how a great theme can be completely changed and survive with excellent results. The return to our community, Fort Lauderdale, was lauded, with unbelievable cooperation from the city officials. Its success gave the Museum $55,000. The setting of Holiday Park renewed hometown support. Art among the trees, game booths under the moonlight, ethnic foods galore and a well-timed can-can center stage helped create a memorable weekend of November 5, 6 and 7. Chairmen Katy Darr, Bea Yianilos and Babs Pickering received many kudos from Beaux Arts, the Museum and the community for creating a marvelous new Promenade. 

The Eighth Annual Las Olas Art Festival was held March 26 and 27; Nancy Reichle served as Beaux Arts Chairman. The arts and crafts were bigger and better than usual. 

In April, 1977, Beaux Arts invited nine women to membership. 

An award of recognition was made to two Beaux Arts members. After eighteen years of active service, Sandra Ross, a charter member, changed her status from active to associate, as did Katy Darr, who had served for ten years. 

1977 - 1978
Dawn Young (Mrs. George) was President through October. For personal reasons she resigned as President and Vice President, Elizabeth Mayer (Mrs. Ernest W.), assumed the responsibilities of President of Beaux Arts. 

On October 19, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sternberg graciously opened their Bay Colony home for the Boutique Coffee. Nancy Fisher and Barbara Hyatt served as Co-Chairmen. 

Promenade 1977, "Promenade in the Park," took place November 4, 5 and 6. It was again well received by the community, emphasizing the wisdom of the decision to move back to Fort Lauderdale and Holiday Park. Lynn Boyd, Terry Condon and Jeanine Marrinson served as Promenade Co-Chairmen. Beaux Arts made a contribution of $73,000 to the Museum from this Promenade. 

The Ninth Annual Las Olas Art Festival took place March 11 and 12. It was an excellent show. Renowned artist Syd Solomon was the judge and the prize money was increased to $4,300. 

In March, 1978, Beaux Arts invited eight women to membership. 

The Girl of the Year Award went to Nancy Reichle. 

1978 - 1979
President, Barbara Hyatt, and all Beaux Arts members began to help the future new Museum become a reality. This year began the big fund drive for our Museum. 

The Boutique Coffee, which was organized by Kay McFall and Barbara Carpenter, was held on October 25 in the charming "Blue Mansion," the Idelwyld home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Taylor. 

Promenade in the Park was held at Holiday Park on November 10, 11 and 12. Chairmen were Judy Avey, Carol Harris, and Wilma Weidman. A new plant exhibit area was added to the attractions. 

On February 11 the Dansant was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Gore as a ground breaking ceremony and fund raiser for the new Museum. 

Our Special Activity this year was a trip to Vizcaya on February 22. 

In March, Beaux Arts invited eight new women to membership. 

The Beaux Arts Girl of the Year Award goes to a most deserving Anna McDaniel. 

1979 - 1980
Dotsy Pickel (Mrs. George) served as President and shared the hope with Beaux Arts members that our new Museum would become a reality despite the legal problems that were associated with the land purchase. 

The Boutique Coffee was chaired by Barbara Carpenter and Cookie Pearson. It was held on Wednesday, October 17, at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Bonura in Idlewyld. 

Judy Avey, Valerie Rode and Midge Shaw served as Co-Chairmen of our largest project, Promenade. It was held November 2, 3 and 4 at Holiday Park. The amusement rides were reinstated and a new event, the cheerleading competition, was initiated. Both were well received. A gift of $61,500 was presented to the Museum. 

The Christmas Cocktail Party was well attended by the total membership. Anna McDaniel was the hostess. 

The Special Activity Event was a group luncheon at Livingston's Landing in March. 

March 22 and 23 were the dates of the Eleventh Annual Las Olas Art Festival. William Lieberman, Director of 20th Century Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, judged the show. Terry Condon served as Beaux Arts Chairman. 

Twelve ladies accepted membership in Beaux Arts in April. 

A well-deserved award, the Beaux Arts Girl of the Year, was bestowed upon Betty Ann Zeiher. 

1980 - 1981
Janet Fluehr (Mrs. David) was elected to serve as Beaux Arts President for this year. We were all delighted to learn that the Museum had finalized plans to purchase a plot of land on Las Olas for our new Museum. At last the dream is to be a reality. 

On Wednesday, October 22, our Boutique Coffee was held at the elegant home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williamson on Riviera Isle. Cookie Pearson and Mary Frances Works organized the lovely affair. 

Promenade 1980 was held in Holiday Park on November 21, 22 and 23. This year the weather cooperated and we had excellent crowds. The event was chaired by Valerie Rode, Midge Shaw and Judy Zinn. A check for $70,000 was presented to the Museum. 

Special Activities included a Christmas Cocktail Party at the home of Judy Avey and a February visit to the Symphony Showcase Home in Lighthouse Point followed by lunch in the new Boca Raton Hotel Cabana Club. 

The Las Olas Art Festival held March 28 and 29 attracted record crowds due to good weather and organization. Debbie Sanderson served as Beaux Arts Chairman. 

Fourteen ladies accepted membership in Beaux Arts. 

The Beaux Arts Girl of the Year Award went to Elizabeth Mayer for her untiring service and enthusiasm to Beaux Arts. 

1981 - 1982
Beaux Arts President for this year was Barbara Carpenter (Mrs. Gilmer). 

The Boutique Coffee was not held this year. It was decided that the original purpose of the Boutique Coffee, that is to thank those who had supported Promenade faithfully and to gather articles for the flea market, were no longer being met. A new project was held instead. The First Beaux Arts Tea Dance was held on Sunday, the 18th of October, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Taylor. Susan Telli and Mary Frances Works were Chairmen of this event which raised $6,000 for the Museum. 

Sally Toxey, Jane Transou and Judy Zinn were our leaders for Promenade 1981, which was again held at Holiday Park. Great weather, good community cooperation and much hard work by Beaux Arts members enabled Beaux Arts to present to the Museum its largest ever gift of $115,000. The dates for Promenade were November 13, 14 and 15. 

Special Activities with Sheri Held as Chairman helped keep the fun spirit of Beaux Arts active. The committee planned a festive Christmas party at the lovely home of Bette and Bob Coningsby on December 11. It was well attended by Beaux Arts Active members and by many of our Beaux Arts Associate friends. Another gathering just for fun for Beaux Arts members and their guests was held at Sea Ranch Lakes Clubhouse in March. 

The Las Olas Art Festival, sponsored by Beaux Arts and the Friends of the Museum, was held this year on March 27 and 28. The art show attracted good crowds despite being marred by bad weather late Sunday afternoon. 

Fifteen women accepted Beaux Arts invitations to join their membership. 

The Beaux Arts Girl of the Year Award was bestowed upon Bea Yianilos. 

1982 - 1983
Carol Frei (Mrs. Rudolph) served as Beaux Arts President and led us in the most successful fund raising year to date. 

Promenade in the Park, November 12, 13 and 14, was chaired by Ruth Gent, Connie Harrell and Susan Telli. Once again it had tremendous attendance and support from the community. Through the enthusiasm and hard work of the Chairmen and the Beaux Arts members, the Museum was presented with a check for $140,000. 

Loretta Dunn and her Special Activities Committee hosted a Christmas Party at Loretta and Jim's beautiful home. It was a lovely evening and was extremely well attended. An added social activity planned by this committee was a luncheon at Bonaventure and a tour of the spa. All who attended had a wonderful time. 

The Fourteenth Las Olas Art Festival, March 26 and 27, sponsored by Beaux Arts and Friends of the Museum, had Sue Lewis serve as Beaux Arts Chairman. For the first time a food concessionaire was brought in to the Festival which added considerably to the financial success of the Festival. 

Pat Creighton of Beaux Arts and Sue Botkin of Beaux Arts Associates chaired a creative party with a casual format as a Site Inspection Party. A fun-filled evening was enjoyed by over 400 people who attended. 

Seven ladies were invited and accepted membership to Beaux Arts. 

The Beaux Arts Girl of the Year Award was given to a well deserving Judy Avey. 

1983 - 1984
Bette Coningsby (Mrs. Robert) served as President of Beaux Arts and led us into the most successful fund raising year to date. 

Promenade in the Park celebrated its 25th Anniversary on November 11, 12 and 13 in Holiday Park. It was chaired by Patricia Creighton, Jill Printz and Bea Yianilos. Under their guidance, Promenade once again experienced tremendous attendance and community support. The hard work and enthusiasm of the Chairmen and members of Beaux Arts enabled them to present the Museum with a check for $180,000. 

Georgia Murphy and her Special Activities Committee hosted a Christmas Party in the home of Jeanine and Ralph Marrinson. The heavy attendance and beautiful surroundings made a lovely evening for all. 

The Fifteenth Las Olas Art Festival, held on March 24 and 25, was sponsored by Beaux Arts and Friends of the Museum. Sally Toxey and Judy Avey served as Beaux Arts Chairmen. This year the Committee became its own contracting agent for all food and greater revenues resulted. Also, all artists' exhibits were moved to the center of the boulevard in order to enable visitors to move more freely along either side of Las Olas Boulevard. 

The New River Ramble, with its New Orleans theme, was Beaux Arts' spring party project. Over 350 people sampled the New Orleans style buffet and listened to a variety of musical offerings. The party was chaired by Julie Brown Madsen, Lee Amlie and Susan Lewis. 

Sixteen ladies accepted Beaux Arts invitations to membership. 

Sally Toxey, who is a devoted and enthusiastic member of Beaux Arts, was named the Beaux Arts Girl of the Year. 

1984 - 1985
Fund raising revenues soared this year under the capable leadership of President, Jeanine Marrinson (Mrs. Ralph). 

Promenade, our primary fundraiser, was held on November 9, 10 and 11 in Holiday Park. An opening performance by the Fort Lauderdale Symphony Orchestra, playing under a cavalcade of fireworks, was as successful as the entire event. Kudos were given to Chairmen, Carol Frei, Tricia Rutsis and Bunny Hagen for their many hours of careful planning and guidance which enabled Beaux Arts to raise an unprecedented amount of $265,000 for the Museum. The City of Fort Lauderdale gave Beaux Arts a five-year contract permitting Promenade to be held in Holiday Park through the year 1989. 

Cookie Pearson hosted the Christmas cocktail party in her outstanding Riviera Isles home. Gail Gelety, Janet Young and their Special Activities Committee ensured the evening's success by providing ample food, drink and festive trimmings. This Committee also hosted the Promenade Kick-Off Party and the lovely Museum Membership Tea held in January. 

The Sixteenth Las Olas Art Festival, chaired by Sally Toxey and Ginger Hill, was held on March 23 and 24. The event was well attended by a record crowd and a profit of over $65,000 was attained. The Las Olas Art Festival is currently rated one of the top sidewalk art shows in the country and the top art show in the State of Florida. 

Elizabeth Mayer, Program Chairman, planned several excellent programs for the general meetings this year. The presentation by Sherry Kerwick on silver collectibles and the guided tour through the new Museum were of special interest. 

The library project, "New River Ramble 1985," was held in April on the grounds of the Riverside Hotel. Fellow Museum supporters shared in the wonderful evening of Cajun food and Dixieland jazz. Chairmen Nancy Seiler and Barbara Hyatt declared the evening a success with over $19,000 in proceeds raised. 

Six women were invited and accepted membership into Beaux Arts. 

The Beaux Arts Girl of the Year Award was given to Bette Coningsby, an active member of fourteen years who has played a primary role in our organization's achievements. 

1985 - 1986
Felice Arrington (Mrs. Robert) served as Beaux Arts President the year we finally realized our dream of a beautiful new Museum of Art at One East Las Olas Boulevard. 

The sculpture deck opened on October 3rd with a reception organized by Museum Hospitality Chairman Elizabeth Mayer and her committee. They served over 700 people. 

The move from the old Museum was made over the fall culminating in a spectacular GALA in January. The opening exhibit - An American Renaissance - was underwritten by American Express. Beaux Arts Actives and Associates, using Boutique Coffee recipes, prepared and served the food and drink at the two preview receptions for members in January. Approximately 4,000 members came. The April receptions were equally well attended. Because of the dramatic increase in membership at all levels, it will be necessary to continue the two preview receptions for each exhibit change. 

The tireless efforts of Promenade '85 Chairmen Diane McDonald, Gail Gelety and Maddy Sullivan resulted in our reaching an all time high profit of $345,000. An exciting new event was added this year, the first Annual Museum of Art 5K Run, the Saturday of Promenade weekend. Another highlight was the daily appearance of the Budweiser Clydesdales. 

Special Activities Chairmen Mae Steinlauf and Margaret Leiser, and their committee planned a fun Promenade "Kick-Off" Party at the Park, followed a month later by a festive Holiday Party at Margaret and Jack Leiser's lovely home. The committee's food preparation proves that we are still excellent and innovative cooks! Our February event, with guests, was an interesting tour of the American Renaissance exhibit conducted by Betty Lou Curry. Lunch followed at the Riverside Hotel. Our final "in group" party on June 6th at the home of Bob and Judy Zinn introduced our sixteen (16) newly invited members and their husbands to Beaux Arts. 

The Seventeenth Las Olas Art Festival was held March 22 and 23rd, ably chaired by Janet Young and Ginger Brown. We hope to continue the status we have held for several years at being the #1 sidewalk art show in the state. 

Katie Stephens and Fran Andreae, chairing the Library Project, and their committee came up with a very creative idea. Presented in cooperation with Travel Host Magazine, the May 2nd fundraising event was called Art a la Carte - "a chewable challenge." Proceeds from this go toward funding the Beaux Arts Library in the Museum. 

A most deserving Carol Frei was honored with the Beaux Arts Girl of the Year Award. 

1986 - 1987
Nancy Seiler (Mrs. E.E. Jr.) served as our president and guided us through a very busy and eventful year. 

Promenade was held on November 14, 15 and 16, 1986. Although the rains came, Chairmen Charlene Caruso, Faye Geronemus and Pat Purtill insured another very successful Promenade. We presented the Museum with a total of $375,000.00. The new addition to Promenade this year was the Herriott Family Circus, which was underwritten by Atlantic Federal. We held the second annual Museum of Art 5K run. Several of the areas expanded and all areas had waiting lists. We learned that Promenade in the Park is listed as a Florida attraction in the World Book Encyclopedia! 

The Museum celebrated its first anniversary in January, and we took possession of "our" Beaux Arts room in April for storage of our records. Plans are underway for a new Museum fundraising group to be organized in the outlying areas of Broward and southern Palm Beach Counties. This was approved unanimously by the Beaux Arts membership. 

Elizabeth Mayer and her Museum Hospitality Committee served over 1,000 people at each exhibit opening. The guest of honor at the March Flemish exhibit Preview Party was the Belgian Ambassador. The Museum has gained new members at each Preview Party. 

Sue Lewis, Judy Tight and their Special Activities Committee provided a great pre-Promenade evening with a performance of the Herriott Circus and dinner afterward in the food tent. Our holiday party was in January at the spacious home of Nancy and Pete Seiler. And the year came to an end with the final party at the home of Susan and Bill Telli on June 5. The eight (8) new Junior members and their husbands were introduced. 

Ginger Brown and Carol Frei chaired a very well planned 18th annual Las Olas Art Festival on March 28 and 29, 1987. We continue to keep our #1 rating in "sidewalk" art shows in the state. Public Relations Chairman, Sue Cobb, got the attention of Southern Living magazine and we were given a full page in the March issue. 

Art a la Carte was so successful last year that it was repeated in May as our Library Project. Katie Stephens and Associate Kay McFall chaired the fun event at the Museum. With this project we have completed our financial commitment to the Beaux Arts Library in the Museum. 

The Beaux Arts Girl of the Year Award honored Jeanine Marrinson, a dedicated member for 12 years and a most deserving recipient. 

1987 - 1988
Diane McDonald (Mrs. Robert) served a most successful term as Beaux Arts President, presiding over a year of many accomplishments. 

Promenade, held on November 13, 14 and 15, was extraordinarily successful under the talented leadership of Felice Arrington, Ginger Brown and Elaine Rule. The Country Jamboree Area was introduced this year, and the City of Fort Lauderdale gave their nod of approval and support by contractually permitting Promenade to be held in Holiday Park through the year 1994. Promenade was entered into the Congressional Record, thanks to Congressman E. Clay Shaw. The Museum greatly benefited from the $375,000.00 in assets realized from this year's event. 

All Museum preview party openings were well attended, and Dot Cobb, Patricia Lehrer and their committee imparted that special blend of Beaux Arts hospitality. The committee served over 2,000 people at the Hortt Preview in July. 

A dedication of the Beaux Arts Library was held at the Museum on December 9, 1987. It was planned and coordinated by Elizabeth Mayer and Barbara Hyatt, and a lovely reception followed. 

Nancy Seiler assisted in the Museum's new group, the Ateliers, in the formation of their organization's Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. The Ateliers have plans for a fundraiser in the Fall. 

The Las Olas Art Festival, under the capable leadership of Carol Frei and Susan Ledbetter, was held on March 26 and 27. Many art critics and artists now regard our festival as the top sidewalk show in the country. National publicity was received on March 29 when L.O.A.F. was highlighted by Willard Scott on the Today Show. 

Special Activities Chairmen Mary Bennett and Barbara Carpenter and their committee planned some exceptional and unique social gatherings this year. A fun filled evening of "country ambiance" was well received at our annual Pre-Promenade Party at Holiday Park. In December, a warm and traditional holiday party was held in the newly decorated home of John and Kari Macdonald. Our membership enjoyed a special Miami outing in February, which included a tour of Vizcaya, a tour of Lincoln Road galleries, and a delicious lunch at the Foundling Club. Our "End of the Year" celebration was a progressive dinner party hosted by Antje Farber, Pat and Michael Creighton, and Barbara and Gilmer Carpenter. The guests of honor were our ten newly invited members and their husbands. 

1988 - 1989
Pat Creighton (Mrs. Michael) proved to be a gracious and successful leader of Beaux Arts this year. The group met and surpassed the expectations of the Museum commitment under her tutelage. 

The 30th Promenade in the Park started with the Museum of Art 5K Run, which was held the week prior to the Promenade weekend of November 11, 12 and 13. Chairmen Cynnie Barbee, Susan Cobb and Susan Ledbetter provided exciting entertainment including the Florida State University Flying High Circus, continuous entertainment on the two stages, 120 artists exhibiting their arts and crafts, commercial and civic exhibits, flea market, petting zoo, Country Jamboree, and foods and games. The fine leadership and the hard work of the membership made it one of the most successful years ever. 

Patricia Lehrer, Chris Hussey and their able committee provided six successful Museum Preview Parties. 

Art a la Carte was held in September this year and was chaired by Jennifer Belt and Nancy Shepard. The event was very well accepted by the local restaurants and was a sell-out. The chairmen and committee did an outstanding job. 

Barbara Grevior was responsible for the Beaux Arts tree that was sold at the Festival of Trees in December. Our tree was beautiful and the event has become one of the highlights of the Christmas season. 

The new Museum group, the Ateliers, continued to grow with the assistance of Nancy Seiler. They held two successful fundraisers during the year. 

Nancy Shepard, Sally Turner and Anne McCormick were responsible for producing a most successful Las Olas Art Festival on March 11 and 12. The weather was wonderful and the membership proved, again, their loyalty to the organization by their hard work and enthusiasm. 

Beaux Arts welcomed nine Junior members into the General membership this year and invited nine new prospective candidates for the coming year. 

1989 - 1990
Pat Purtill was a very organized and efficient President of Beaux Arts this year. Under her leadership, Beaux Arts members raised considerable funds for the Museum of Art. 

Promenade Chairmen Nancy Shepard, Ginny Miller and Jennifer Belt worked very hard to present another successful three-day festival on November 10, 11 and 12. With new attractions such as Razz Matazz, Robinson's Racing Pigs, and the model train display together with many old favorites, the 31st Promenade in the Park offered something for everyone. 

Chris Hussey chaired four successful Museum Preview Parties with the help of her hard-working committee. Beaux Arts members were gracious hostesses for each event. 

Festival of Trees chairman Tricia Rutsis and her talented committee created a beautiful tree titled "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." A tour and luncheon for Beaux Arts members was scheduled one afternoon during the weeklong event of November 27 through December 3. 

Nancy Seiler continued to work with the Museum group, the Ateliers, in Coral Springs. Some of the members volunteered hours during Art a la Carte and the Festival of Trees. 

Special Activities Chairmen Doreen Koenig and Mary Mullen kept busy planning the entertaining Pre-Promenade Party under the "Big Top," the lovely Valentine's Party which replaced the Christmas Party this year, and the special End-of-the-Year Party to honor our sixteen new Junior members. 

Las Olas Art Festival Chairmen Pat Creighton, Cindy Greenberg and Anne McCormick coordinated another excellent art festival this year on March 10 and 11. L.O.A.F. continues to be one of the top ten art shows in the country. The hard work and dedication of all Beaux Arts members keeps shining through. 

Beaux Arts moved into the Computer Age. Kathryn Young and her husband, Randy, guided the set up of all Beaux Arts bookkeeping onto a computer system. Beaux Arts purchased two computers for the Treasurer's use. 

Beaux Arts welcomed nine Junior members into Active membership this year and invited sixteen new prospective candidates for 1990-1991. 

1990 - 1991
Beaux Arts' 32nd year, chaired by aptly named Susan Ledbetter, was one of great success and historical change. 

Despite storms, pestilence (mosquitoes), and threats of floods, Promenade, under the capable and gracious leadership of Cindy Greenberg, Mary McDonough and Kathryn Young, was an outstanding success. Considerable funds were raised for the Museum and everyone had a wonderful time. 

The Museum was turned into a winter fairyland for the Festival of Trees. The Beaux Arts tree, created by Jennifer Belt and Barbara Bookman, was beautiful and one of the first sold. 

Eileen and Bill Lank opened their lovely home for the Christmas Party. Eileen and Diane Jordan and their Special Activities Committee planned the End of the Year Party to honor the new Juniors at Margaret and Jack Leiser's home. 

Preview Parties, chaired by Dianne Osborne, were always beautiful and, of course, well attended. 

Lucy Huff and her able committee saw to it that all Beaux Arts members had their coffee before meetings. 

The big news of the year was the move of the Las Olas Art Festival to Bubier Park. Fay Geronemus and Charlene Caruso oversaw this gigantic undertaking. Their hard work was well rewarded and the Art Festival was a huge success. 

Fifteen women were welcomed to Beaux Arts membership this year and ten candidates accepted our invitation for next year. 

1991 - 1992
1991-1992 was a most profitable and fun-packed year under the leadership of our President, Nancy Shepard. Promenade in the Park, held on November 9, 10 and 11, was again a success under the direction of Trine Chaney, Doreen Koenig and Kari Macdonald. We all managed to work hard, have fun, and raise considerable amounts of dollars for the Museum. 

In December the Festival of Trees Committee invited us to step back in time as they literally transformed the Museum into a Christmas fairyland, complete with our Beaux Arts tree laden with breathtaking carousel horses, to be enjoyed by visitors of every age. 

Sprinkled throughout the year, Micki Lindemann and her committee welcomed old, new and non-members alike with food and drink at the Museum Preview Parties. In addition to the ever-popular Hortt, the Preview Opening of the Glackens' collection was a treat of immense enjoyment and pride. 

Diane Jordan and Judy Patterson directed the crowds to come, the weather to cooperate, and the membership to rally as another successful Las Olas Art Festival took place in Bubier Park on February 29 and March 1. 

The Special Activities Committee made sure every detail was attended to as we rested on our laurels and lifted our spirits at the Miller's (Ginny and Tom) for an evening of Christmas fun, and again in May at the Bennett's (Mary and John), to honor the new Juniors. 

Beaux Arts welcomed nine women into membership this year and asked fifteen to accept our invitation for next year. 

1992 - 1993
Cindy Greenberg had the honor and distinction of presiding over Beaux Arts through this our 34th successful year. 

We again proved our tremendous fundraising abilities at Promenade in the Park, held on November 13, 14 and 15, under the direction of Eileen Lank, Micki Lindemann and Judy Patterson. As always, along with untold volunteer hours, we accomplished our goals not only monetarily, but managed to have fun and form many new friendships. 

Our childhood memories were revisited as the Museum was turned into a fairyland by Kathy Haines and her wonderful committee featuring Victorian splendor on our Beaux Arts tree for the Festival of Trees held in December. 

Molly Firth and her committee orchestrated the many members who graciously served over 3,500 guests at the five Museum Preview Parties. Perhaps the highlight of the year was the exhibition of 19th century French paintings on loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art entitled "Corot to Cezanne." The volunteer force and the public's response were both overwhelming. 

Certainly the place for every art lover to be the last weekend in February was at the 24th annual Las Olas Art Festival again held at Bubier Park. Kari Macdonald and Kathryn Young represented Beaux Arts, while Ginny Miller and Diane Hart orchestrated the Friends. Featured were 260 of the country's finest artists in this most prestigious of shows. 

December and May always seem to be our busiest months, but we managed to lift our spirits at the Christmas Party hosted by Steve and Martie Mehallis, and honored our 9 new members at Charles and Jeanne Hurty's in the spring. 

1993 - 1994
Ginny Miller served as a very organized and efficient President of Beaux Arts this year. Under her leadership, Beaux Arts members raised considerable funds for the Museum of Art. 

Promenade, held on November 12, 13 and 14, was a tremendous success under Beaux Arts Chairmen Darlene Grant, Paige Hyatt, Kathy Kirby, and Anne McCormick. The Florida State University Flying High Circus, continuous entertainment on two stages, 120 juried artists, 75 "country craft" vendors, commercial and civic exhibits, student art, international foods, rides and games, etc… continue to provide our community with a most exciting "family tradition weekend." 

In December, the Festival of Trees committee invited Beaux Arts members to delight in the holiday transformation of the Museum of Art to celebrate the season. Diane Jordan and Cathy O'Connor created a beautiful silent auction tree for Beaux Arts.

Molly Firth, Kathryn Young and their Beaux Arts committee members hosted the many Museum of Art members and their guests at four Museum Preview Parties. The highlight of the year was the Andy Warhol exhibit. 

The Museum of Art Las Olas Art Festival celebrated its 25th Anniversary on March 5 and 6. Andrea Ascione and Trine Chaney represented Beaux Arts and produced an outstanding event with the assistance of Beaux Arts members, families and friends. 

Nellie Shelton and her Special Activities Committee provided Beaux Arts members with a year of diversified and unique social events. Nellie opened her lovely home for both the Christmas Party and a Tennis Round Robin Luncheon. In celebration of the Whitbread Round the World Race, Micki and David Lindemann hosted a casual dinner party for the crew of the Uruguay and Beaux Arts members and guests. In May, Desperados was the location for the End of the Year Party to honor the new Juniors. 

Beaux Arts welcomed nine women into membership this year and eleven candidates accepted our invitation for next year. 

1994 - 1995
Barbara Parent said she was honored to serve as the President of Beaux Arts during THE YEAR THAT WAS . . . 

For the first time in the thirty-six year history of Beaux Arts, Promenade in the Park was forced to close early Saturday evening because of bad weather. Tropical Storm Gordon almost blew away Promenade, but not our spirit! Under the chairmanship of Andy Beck, Molly Firth and JoAnn Voight, the Beaux Arts women remained united in both purpose and performance. With smiles on our faces and tears in our hearts, we raised funds beyond our expectation. 

At the Festival of Trees the Beaux Arts tree, beautifully decorated once again by Diane Jordan and Cathy O'Connor, was the first to be purchased. We celebrated the holiday season with a lovely party at the home of Paige and Steve Hyatt. 

Our thanks to Darlene Grant and Paige Hyatt for their leadership in co-chairing the Las Olas Art Festival held on March 3rd and 4th. The event was blessed by perfect weather and wonderful attendance. Beaux Arts members and Juniors continued working diligently because of their commitment to the Museum. 

In April we said "Adios Botero" and welcomed 10 women into full membership. 

Special activities, chaired by Lynn Frazier, closed the year with a progressive party beginning with cocktails at Susan and Richard Goldstein's home, the party traveled to Bob and Judy Zinn's home where everyone enjoyed a delightful dinner. We honored 15 new Juniors at this time. 

As we reflect over this very busy year Beaux Arts members all have a feeling of pride and accomplishment as we were able to see the fruits of our labor as well as work with the new found friends we had made this year. 

1995 - 1996
Judy Zinn reported that being President was the culminating event of her volunteer life! Under her leadership, Beaux Arts members raised considerable revenue for the Museum of Art. 

Promenade, which was held on November 10, 11 and 12 was chaired by Andrea Ascione, Laura Cook and Lynn Frazier and afforded Beaux Arts members a wonderful opportunity to work together while rethinking some of our objectives. Some outdated traditions were revamped or replaced. This year's top name entertainment, which included Nestor Torres, proved to be a significant draw. 

Cathy O'Connor and her committee, Kim Lamplough and Diane Jordan surpassed themselves this year at the Festival of Trees…but naturally, what would one expect? We celebrated the holiday season at the incredibly wonderful home of Jeff and Andi Beck. 

Micki Lindemann and Nellie Shelton saw their dream come true as they co-chaired L.O.A.F. together on March 9th and 10th! The fabulous crowd on Sunday helped to make up for Saturday's foul weather. Everyone was enthusiastic over the live entertainment in the Food Court, as it seemed to top off a terrific ambiance. The T-shirts and hats sold phenomenally this year. Micki and Nellie thanked their spectacular crew for helping everything come off. 

Under a slightly revised arrangement, Beaux Arts members continued to host the Museum Preview Parties. This turned out very well. The highlight of the year was the Grandma Moses exhibit. 

Beaux Arts welcomed 15 new members at Eileen and Bill Lank's End of the Year Party. Who could resist? 

1996 - 1997
What can we say - another successful year! Under the wonderful and efficient leadership of Eileen Lank, we were able to supplement the Museum with much needed funds. 

Promenade Chairmen Jorj Morgan, Peggy Gross and Nellie Shelton made quite a few changes this year such as Main Street U.S.A. and a Food Court. Except for the dust, everyone seemed happy and it was a very successful weekend. The Original Drifters were the main entertainment and brought back many memories for everyone. 

Thank you to Linda Brown and her committee for our beautiful Festival of Trees entry with its Nutcracker theme. Special Activities Chairmen Cindy Greenberg and Suzanne Ross outdid themselves for the Holiday party at the lovely home of Doreen Koenig. A great time was had by all! 

Debbie Rosenbaum and Eddie Sorensen co-chaired "The Original Las Olas Art Festival" on March 1 and 2. The weather was great, the new layout of Bubier Park was applauded, and the Art Festival was a great success. 

The Salvador Dali exhibit was a big hit this winter. The Museum will see some changes in the future as we say goodbye to "Big Bill" and Dr. Moffett. 

At the April meeting we welcomed 12 women as members of Beaux Arts. In May, at our End of the Year party hosted by Eileen and Bill Lank, we honored 15 new Juniors for the 1997-1998 year. 

1997 - 1998
This has been another banner year for Beaux Arts women. We once again made a significant contribution to the Museum of Art's operating budget, had lots of fun and made new friends in the process! Our President, Micki Lindemann, made our hard work seem lighter with her good sense of humor and positive outlook. 

This year's Promenade in the Park was chaired by Randee Reed, Suzanne Ross and Kathryn Young. The Cleveland Clinic Sports Tent continues to be a big draw with Marlins and Panthers signing autographs. A giant roller coaster added excitement to Amusements. 

The Festival of Trees is becoming a much anticipated community event. Mary Welker and Jillian Printz, two of "our own" helped chair with Linda Brown's committee creating a beautiful auction tree for Beaux Arts. Our Holiday Party was hosted by Una and Bill Murphy at their elegant, beautifully remodeled home. 

The fencing and gates came down for this year's Las Olas Art Festival. The judge, who was from Indiana, said it was the best art he had seen at an event. Congratulations to Molly Firth and Lynn Frazier for helping to produce a wonderful event with a fine caliber of artwork. The Duane Hanson exhibit at the Museum was enjoyed by many festival goers. 

The Junior Class was welcomed to regular membership in April and invitations were accepted by seventeen women who will become the Junior Class of 1998-1999. They will be the beacons for us into the new century - sure to be a time of challenges and changes for Beaux Arts. 

Our year closed with a fun social, which included a scavenger hunt and party following at the Downtowner hosted by Nellie Shelton and her committee. The new Juniors were introduced and honored. The usual Beaux Arts good times were had by all who attended! 

1998 - 1999
To quote Dickens, "It was the best of times … it was the worst of times." It was the best of times because we implemented many changes this year. This was done under the strong leadership of President Jo Ann Voight. It was the worst of times because we did not make any money for the Museum. 

This year's Promenade in the Park was chaired by Pam Black, Shelly Marks and Nellie Shelton. This was Promenade's 40th anniversary. We celebrated with can can dancers and a celebration cake. Billy Dean, a country western singer was our main entertainer and drew huge crowds. 

Our B.A. tree was very successful this year in the Festival of Trees. Lucille Fannin and family hand crocheted the ornaments. 

The Museum appointed Kathleen Harleman as Executive Director and Bob Foster as Finance Director. It kicked off the 1998-1999 with the HORTT exhibition. The Herb Ritts exhibit was big hit this winter. 

Ann Marie Moon and Sue Holden co-chaired "Arts on the Boulevard" formally known as the "Las Olas Art Festival." Along with the name change new approaches were taken involving the community and Broward schools. These changes will prove prosperous in the future. 

March 19, Sherill Wingo and Suzi Caldwell hosted a fabulous party at the Riverside Hotel. Everyone had a great time! 

An April luncheon was held in the beautiful home of Una Murphy. 17 women accepted invitations. They will make up our new Junior Class in the millennium. Our "old" Junior class was welcomed to regular membership at the April meeting. 

Cindy and Howard Greenberg graciously hosted our End of the Year party June 5. 

1999 - 2000
This year Beaux Arts entered a NEW millennium and faced many NEW challenges including two new fund-raisers. Under Molly Firth's guidance as President the changes not only went smoothly but were financially successful as well. With such a break from tradition, what could have been a difficult year instead found us refocused and reenergized. 

Due to major renovations and construction in Holiday Park, it was not possible to have Promenade in the Park in 1999. This was the first time since Beaux Arts was formed in 1959 that they did not hold a Promenade. What could take Promenade's place? 

It was decided that Beaux Arts would take over Festival of Trees as their major fund-raiser for 1999. Jo Ann Voight, Mary Welker and Marsha Kirmse were the Chairmen. Festival of Trees was held November 20 - 28 at the Museum of Art. Beautiful trees and wreaths filled the Museum, and the opening Gala was especially successful. Not only did we achieve our fundraising goal of over $100,000 but we can be proud to return a reorganized, much improved event to the Museum. 

The Holiday Party was held at Una and Bill Murphy's home. 

Due to a lack of response from artists, a most difficult decision was made to not hold the Las Olas Art Festival in March 2000. The L.O.A.F. chairman Claudia Lane took on the challenge of finding a new Spring fund-raiser. After much discussion it was decided to hold a Luncheon at the Blue Moon Fish Company. In a very short time they put together a fabulous luncheon which also met our financial goals. 

Carol DiSalvo and Gail Vilone were in charge of hosting the Museum Preview Parties. The highlight of this year was the Camille Pissaro and Pissaro Family Exhibit which was outstanding. 

In a year of change and challenge a Task Force committee, chaired by Mary Geyer, helped Beaux Arts find our vision for the future. From membership input it was decided to return to Promenade for the main fund-raiser in November 2000. It was also decided to form an Advisory Team Leaders Committee to help with membership communication and satisfaction. 

The Junior Class was welcomed to active membership in April and seventeen women accepted invitations for the Junior Class of 2000-2001. The End of the Year Party at Eileen and Bill Lank's home honored the new Juniors and celebrated our excitement about the coming year and the return of Promenade. 

2000 - 2001
Under the direction of Kathryn Young Glenewinkel, a member of Beaux Arts since 1984, we set sights on the return of Promenade 2001, after a year's absence. 

Promenade Chairs, Randee Reed, Karyn Greep and Beth French enthusiastically led the 73 Beaux Arts members to a flawless return to Holiday Park. While we were missed in 2000, Beaux Arts and the community renewed their commitment to our family event! We brought back the Flea Market, with great support from the Beaux Arts Associates. One of the new features of Promenade this year was nationally renowned antiques expert, Carolyn Remmey, who appraised treasures. 

Barbara Parent designed and updated our smocks to navy blue with our 3-color Beaux Arts logo. 

The holiday party was hosted by Enyd Lee & Elliot Sokolow from Sea Ranch Lakes. The weather and setting were perfect and we all had a perfect evening. Special Events chairs Micki Lindemann and Eileen Lank organized the party. The food was catered by Blue Moon Fish Company and was outstanding. 

The "First Day of Spring" Luncheon was chaired by Martha Hirschman and Barbara Rogan, and took place at the Blue Moon Fish Company March 21st with fashions by Lilly Pulitzer. Several Junior members modeled outfits to a full house. Donna Zoley underwrote and made the centerpieces that were prizes for each guest. Our silent auction offered a bevy of fabulous packages for all to bid on! 

The end of the year Backyard Barbeque was held at the home of Kathryn and Gary Glenewinkel, where the new Juniors were our guests. Kathryn and Gary built a deck in time, and provided a live band, Low Tide, for dancing and sing-a-longs. 

Following the April 5th board meeting, Cindy Greenberg's home was the setting for the new members' luncheon. Beaux Arts, shortly thereafter, welcomed 17 new members. 

Jorj Morgan published her own cookbook, At Home in the Kitchen. She had a small benefit at JoAnn's Papers for a book signing party. Many Beaux Arts members participated as recipe-testers, and joined her to celebrate her success. 

After much discussion and research, a new board structure was approved and implemented for the 2001-2002 year. The executive board now consists of President, Vice President, Past President and 5 Vice Presidents who oversee the 21 committees. (Membership VP, Finance VP, Administrative VP, Ways and Means VP, and Relations VP) 

To form an alliance and improve communications within BA, Team Leadership was created. Mary Geyer led the team leaders for the first year to improve our communication and information sharing. The concept was very successful and will continue for the following year. 

2001- 2002
Under a brand new Board set-up, Susan Holden took the helm as President, with Karyn Greep as First VP, Mary Geyer as Membership VP, Nellie Shelton as Administrative VP, Paige Hyatt as Ways and Means VP, Pam Black as Relations VP and Kim Lamplough as Finance VP. 

Promenade in the Park 2001 took place November 9 - 11 once again at Holiday Park. Chaired by a most capable trio of Jan Handley, Suzy Caldwell and Lisa Scott-Founds with Nellie Shelton in a newly created position of Chairman Emeritus. Beaux Arts members were encouraged to take a hard look at expenses and focus on becoming more efficient and economical. As a result, Promenade took a positive turn and Beaux Arts was able to increase its MOA contribution significantly. 

The Holiday Party took place at Sheri and Don Whittington's Las Olas home and had a record attendance of almost 100 guests. A beautiful night and an elegant setting. 

Our Spring fundraiser took place Monday, March 4th and was chaired by Melissa Dobrin and Sylvia Sperry. Lauderdale Lifestyles fashions were modeled by Juniors, as the sold-out event guests enjoyed the tasty food prepared by the Blue Moon Fish Company. Beaux Arts members were to thank for their participation in making this event a sell-out and for the record profit realized. 

The Wednesday, April 24th New / Old Junior Luncheon location was the waterfront home of Sharron Jackson. Old Juniors created recipes from Jorj Morgan's cookbook, At Home in the Kitchen, to serve at this delicious luncheon to our 10 new Juniors. 

Installation Luncheon and general meeting took place at the traditional home of Doreen Koenig. Eileen Lank, past president, installed Karyn Greep and the new Executive Board. 

The casual Friday night, May 31st End-of-Year party was hosted by the "hostess-with-the-mostest," Cindy and Howard Greenberg. Our chef, Cindy Greenberg, prepared the entire meal for the record attendance. 

We welcomed 17 members into Active membership, and 10 new Juniors accepted our offer to become part of 2002-3 Beaux Arts year. With Active, Professional, ARTS, and new Juniors the membership total for 2002-3 is 103! 

A notable By-Law change is the elimination of the December general meeting. 

A personal note from Susan Holden: "THANK YOU for allowing me the privilege of being your President. It is an honor I will always treasure." 

2002 - 2003
Karyn Greep served as President, with Beth French as First VP, Kim Collette as Administrative VP, Marie Hansen as Finance VP, Louise Fogarty as Membership VP, Barbara Rogan as Relations VP and Melissa Dobrin as Ways & Means VP. 

Under new "light, Promenade in the Park 2002 was held November 8, 9 and 10 at Holiday Park with Holly Moody, Ann Marie Moon and Gail Vilone as chairs and Susan Holden as advisor. Not only did we have a smooth transition when Kohler replaced our long time electrician, Ampco, but we also shortened our set up time to two weeks instead of three and most importantly we saved around $30,000. We appeared on the cover of Society East with a NASCAR, and we changed the name of our Youth Stage to Stage Too! 

The Holiday Party took place at Sheri and Don Whittington's home with the world's largest Christmas Tree. We changed the venue from a sit down dinner to a cocktail party and had the perfect evening. 

Our Spring Luncheon took place Tuesday, March 4th at Blue Moon Fish Company under the direction of Cindy Greenberg, Eileen Lank, Micki Lindemann, and Cathy O'Connor. We raffled off baskets and members modeled fashions from Lauderdale Lifestyle. 

For our Spring event in 2005, the Galleria has asked us to be a part of their grand re-opening. Beaux Arts will host the Galleria's grand re-opening gala on February 21, 2004. This event will consist of two parts: We will team up with artists and sponsors to create and display sailfish among our community that will then be auctioned off at the gala. Melissa Milroy, Melissa Dobrin and Sylvia Sperry have agreed to chair the fish part of it while Karyn Greep, Jenny Guerin, Jamie Kadivar, and Mary Stelnicki will chair the gala part. 

The New Member orientation was held on March 18th at Mary Bennett's home and the New/Old Junior Luncheon was held May 1st at Beth French's home. Eleven new Juniors accepted our offer to become part of the 2003-2004 Beaux Arts year. 

The Installation Luncheon and general meeting took place once again at the lovely home of Doreen Koenig. Ann Marie Moon installed Beth French and the new Executive Board. 

Our End of the Year Party was a progressive dinner in Idlewyld with drinks and hors d'oeuvres at Paige and Steve Hyatt's home and dinner at Cindy and Howard Greenberg's home. 

We welcomed 9 members into active membership. With 56 Active, 19 Professional, 10 A.R.T.S., and 11 new Juniors, the membership total for 2003-2004 is 96! 

Beth French served as President, Lisa Scott-Founds served as First Vice President, Martha Skorish served as Membership VP, Emily Tolle, Finance VP, Amy Carter, Administrative VP, Dawn Read, Ways and Means VP, and Laura Minor, Relations VP. 

Promenade in the Park was held November 7th, 8th and 9th at Holiday Park under the direction of Louise Fogarty, Ellen Jackson, Tucker Jaxtheimer, and Carrie Tidwell. Yes their execution was superb and then the rains came. Our headliner on mainstage was the Little River Band and the park layout was totally transformed. 

The Holiday Party was hosted by Ann Marie and Harry Moon at their home on December 19 and catered by Blue Moon Fish Company. The evening was chilly so we were able to dig out those Christmas sweaters. 

Our spring event was a "wow". In the spring of 2003 Melissa Dobrin, Melissa Milroy and Sylvia Sperry launched the Something's Fishy in Fort Lauderdale search for artists who would paint sailfish standing at 7 feet high. A website was also developed where all the fish were displayed. Their search produced 49 fish that were auctioned on February 21, 2004 at the Galleria grand re-opening gala. The gala was coined the Sailfish Splash, and chaired by Jami Kadivar, Karyn Greep, Jenny Guerin, and Mary Stelnicki. This event grossed $233,000.00. These gracious gals may never speak to me again but what a "catch" for Beaux Arts. 

The New Member Orientation was held at Felice Arrington's home on February 18 and the Old/New Junior Luncheon was held at Lisa Scott-Founds on March 16. We enthusiastically welcomed 7 new juniors for the 2004-2005 year. I hope we're not scaring off potential members. 

The Installation Luncheon and general meeting took place at Doreen Koenig's home and Lisa Scott-Founds was installed by Nellie Shelton as our new president. 

Our End of the Year party was held at Beth French's home on May 21. Happy trails. 

The board of directors for 2004-2005 were as follows: Lisa Scott-Founds, President; Louise Fogarty, First-Vice President: Carrie Tidwell, Membership VP; Sue Ellen Boatright, Finance VP; Ellen Jackson, Administrative VP; Tucker Jaxtheimer, Ways and Means VP; Gail Vilone, Public Relations VP. Beth French was Past President and Felice Arrington served as Associates President. The first decision we made as a team was to move the meetings to member's homes. This made it fun for everyone and we saw an increase in attendance. It also gave members a chance to circulate and get to know each other in a more comfortable atmosphere.

We undertook a major challenge this year and moved Promenade back home to Las Olas. The chairmen, Dawn Read, Lois Schmatz, Lee Sheffield and Nellie Shelton did an amazing job. We were able to get Bank Atlantic as the official Title Sponsor (great job Sue Ellen) everyone tried very hard to revamp the event to make Promenade a premier Downtown Fort Lauderdale experience! Unfortunately, the event has seen better days and the members decided it has lived its life (For now, anyway). The good news is..it will be replaced by a spectacular Festival of Trees in 2005 in conjunction with the Galleria Mall. 

The Holiday Party was a grand success at the beautiful Rio Vista home of Jenny Guerin's and with the help of Melissa Milroy! It was a lovely evening poolside and everyone had a fantastic time. 

The new member coffee was held at Jami Kadivar's home February 7th. In an effort to get everything organized we moved the membership process to earlier in the year. The Old/New Junior Luncheon was held March 29th at the home of Caryn Maister. We have a great group of Juniors and everyone is very excited to work with them. We welcomed 12 new members…a very good number. 

Another new change this year was the Spring Event. We decided to do a unique effort with tons of interaction…what better than a Kentucky Derby Party?! The chairmen…Cindy Greenberg, Doreen Koenig, and Eileen Lank will take the Derby to an all new level with their beautiful flair. Doreen's house was the perfect setting. Jockeys, betting and baskets…what fun! 

May 4th we had our old/new board turnover luncheon at the home of Beth French. We had a chance to reflect on the past year and make plans to really work on new and great future projects for the Museum. 

The May Installation Luncheon and last general meeting was a the home of Sheri Whittington. Louise Fogarty was installed as President. 

Our End of the Year party was at Mary Stelnicki's and it was sad to see another year go by. But the future for our organization looks bright and wonderful. 

The board for 2005-2006 were as follows: Louise Fogarty, President; Carrie Tidwell, Vice President; Jami Kadivar, Membership VP; Lee Sheffield, Finance VP; Ellen Jackson, Administrative VP; Melissa Milroy, Ways and Means VP; and Jenny Guerin, Relations VP. Lisa Scott- Founds was our immediate Past President and Felice Arrington was the Associates President. 

The summer of 2005 was a memorable one! Festival of Trees was well under way by the leadership of Karen Tyrrel and Karen Woods. We had most the printing of our invitations finished, our menu set with the caterer for Opening Night, trees and wreaths ordered and decorators in place. Hurricane Katrina in August and Hurricane Ophelia in September were not going to stop us! Hurricane Wilma in October was another story. We were 3 weeks out before the start of Festival of Trees and half the city still did not have power. We made a board decision to cancel Festival of Trees. It was not fair to ask people (some who lost so much) to spend money to decorate trees, wreaths and support our event. 

As you might imagine, in December we were ready to throw a holiday party to raise money for the MOA. It was held at the beautiful home of Caryn Maister and was chaired by Melissa Medrano and Caryn. We decorated wreaths and had amazing raffle baskets. Melissa and several members baked "out of this world" goodies and sold them at the event. We made 4,500 and had a great time! 

Our spring event was "Beaux Arts' Run for the Roses" a Kentucky Derby party. It was held at the Coral Ridge Country Club on May 6 and chaired by Tucker Jaxtheimer, Karen Woods, and Mindy Yianilos. Guests really got into the theme and wore hats and seersucker suits. Woodford Reserve sponsored the Liquor for the evening and everyone was handed a Mint Julep when they entered. The baskets and auction items were amazing and our Derby Dinner a Month was one of our most profitable live auction items. It was by far one of the most fun and well talked about events - the community really enjoyed it. Tucker, Karen and Mindy worked incredibly hard and it showed! We made 30,000. 

The Old/New Junior Luncheon was held at Louise Fogarty's home. The New Member Orientation was hosted by Jami Kadivar. We had seven new members accept their invitations and all are exceptional women. Due to the late Derby party, we voted to not have an End of the Year party, but a welcome back in August. 

The installation Luncheon and General meeting took place at Cindy Greenberg's home and Carrie Tidwell was installed by Cindy as our new president. 

Carrie Tidwell served as President, Dawn Read served as First Vice President, Jenny Guerin served as Membership Chairman, Ellen Jackson served as Treasurer, Karyn Greep served as Secretary and Jan Handley served as the Relations Chair. 

The year started with a "Welcome Back" Festival of Trees Kick-Off party at the local restaurant 4140. The event was free to our members and their significant other with a donation to the FOT auction. At the event Irv Lippman spoke to the ladies, FOT Chairman were presented with their medallions and the "new" juniors were introduced with their significant others. 

We continued to have meetings in our homes and the first meeting of the year was a scheduled FOT workshop to get all the members up to date on the plans for this year's FOT. Santa Claus made a special trip to excite all the chairman. 

Beaux Arts was chosen by Jo-an's paper for their "day of charity." We had great support from associates and members. Beaux Arts sold raffle tickets for great prizes including a Christopher Radko Wreath worth over $2,000. Beaux Arts benefited from all the sales of raffle tickets and a portion of the day's sales. The total donation from Jo-An's was over $2,000. 

Susan Farmer and Libby West were the 2006 Festival of Trees Chairman. The two lead the organization with enthusiasm. For the first time, the event was held at the Galleria Mall. They were tireless in their efforts and when the FOT 2006 opened it was the talk of the town. We had over 300 guests at our opening night and a sold out teddy bear tea. The event was a huge success, net revenues were over $78,000! All ladies involved should be very proud, and a new Fort Lauderdale tradition had begun. 

We invited over 14 girls to become new "junior" members. Lisa Zwick hosted the New Junior Luncheon at her home on March 21st. 

On April 27th, Mandy Haagenson, Melissa Medrano and Libby West chaired the Chicano Visions/End of the year party at the Museum of Art. The event was a great, casual night that featured the collection of Cheech Marin. A great way to end the year. 

Installation luncheon and last general meeting took place at the home of Lisa Scott-Founds. Lisa installed Dawn Read as President and the entire board with a Pirate Theme. Aye, Aye Matey - Walk the Plank. 

The board of directors for 2007-2008 were as follows: Dawn Read, President; Lee Sheffield, Vice President: Mandy Haagenson, Membership- Tucker Jaxtheimer, Treasurer- Casie Tate, Corresponding and Recording Secretary, Mary Forman, Public Relations, Carrie Tidwell immediate past president and Eileen Lank served at the Associates President. 

This year we moved the general meetings back to the Museum of Art. We invited the MOA staff to come to the meeting and introduce themselves to our membership and tell about their position with the Museum. 

Over the summer we took on a new look with a brand new website. We are now in 2008 and even have a members only pass code protected area. All our newsletters can be found in this area as well as other related information. This should help bridge the gap between the actives and associates as they can contact us at any time thru the web. We even have pictures of art on the site, what a concept!! 

We started the new BA year in late August with a Welcome Back Party at the home of Denise and Chuck Forum. What a great turnout and a fun start to the season. 

Festival of Trees was at the Galleria, November 17-25 and chaired by Cecily Conklin, Lisa Zwick and Calla Scully. They did an amazing job and the Galleria once again went above and beyond our expectations. We had the Radio City Rockettes as our special guests during presale. It was very well received. We raised $76,000 this year as we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Festival of Trees. 

We asked that Beaux Arts be recognized as a sponsor of an exhibit this year. It was very exciting, "The Great Age of American Automobiles" in association with Autonation. Our membership loved the idea and it is nice to see the BA logo attached to Museum collateral! 

The new member coffee was held at the home of Kristi Puente on February 2nd. The Old/New Junior Luncheon was held April 9th at the home of Denise Schembri. We have a great group of Juniors and everyone is very excited to work with them. We welcomed 9 new members and are very excited at what their future holds with the organization. 

The Spring event was tied into the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the MOAFL and a "Founders Tribute Luncheon" will take place April 25th at Pier 66. This is a collaborative effort with Junior League, Beaux Arts, Friends of the Museum and the Docents. Everyone will be assisting with all aspects of the luncheon. 

The Board turnover is scheduled for May at a location tbd. We will have a chance to reflect on the past year and make plans to really work on new and great future projects for the Museum. 

The May Installation Luncheon and last general meeting was at the home of Lisa Scott-Founds on May 5th and Lee Sheffield was installed as President. There are some very interesting and exciting opportunities the MOA is exploring; the future for our organization looks bright and wonderful. 

Calla Scully served as President, Gina Dettor served as Vice President, Membership was Mary Stelnicki, Treasurer was Cici Kelly, Corresponding Secretary was Elise Alexander, and Public Relations was Nicole Hanaka. Sue Holden was President of the Associates. 

The year began with a Welcome Back party at the lovely home of Kim and Greg Sandefur. This was chaired by Cecily Conklin and Lisa Zwick. New junior members (and their significant others) were introduced. The Festival of Trees chairs shared some information regarding this yearís Festival of Trees. 

The monthly meetings were held at the Museum of Art auditorium on Monday mornings at 9:30. Following Festival of Trees, the meetings were moved to either 

Lago Mar or Calla Scullyís house. 

Festival of Tress was chaired by Elise Alexander, Michelle Dery, and Nicole Hanaka. We brought Festival of Trees ìHome for the Holidaysî back to the Museum of Art from Friday, November 13 ñ Sunday, November 15th. Thank You to the Associates for their continued support and sponsoring us once again! Our Opening Night was a huge success with Karyn Greep and Mary Stelnicki chairing this evening. This weekend was also the MOAís opening of the Norman Rockwell exhibit. Beaux Arts incurred some extra expenses with bringing it back to the MOA. We had to rent a tent and an air conditioning system since FOT was going to be held on the Peck Terrace this year. Once again, Robert Allen helped us tremendously through his creation of a Rockwell ìsceneî as the focal point on the terrace. His scene also doubled as the Santa chair for Teddy Bears, Trains and Tea. 

What a perfect photo opportunity! Carrie Tidwell and Libby West chaired Teddy Bears, Trains, and Tea which was a wonderful sold out family morning. The Associates helped with the food for this event and it was great to work closely with them and have their support. We were able to give the MOA a check for $35,000! Everyone should be very proud of the results after all their hard work and many tireless hours! 

Veronica DePadro again offered us some of her storage space yet again this year. Very generous! Thank you, Veronica! After FOT, the members of Beaux Arts expressed an interest once again in branching out to support the Arts within our community because they are being cut so drastically out of the state budget. The Board met with Irv Lipman and Roberta Kjlegard and expressed our thoughts, concerns, and desires. They were very supportive of this new, exciting chapter of Beaux Arts. Through our new ventures and relationships with different organizations in our community, we are going to raise the awareness of the Museum of Art even more. 

We had people from 5 different local organizations come and speak with us at our February and March meetings. The organizations were Holy Cross Hospital ñ Womenís Center, Art Serve, FAB!, Ann Stork Center, and Meet the Masters. After these meetings it was evident that there are many areas in our community that need assistance. We are going to vote at the May meeting to see where our money from the Spring Event will be donated. 

The Spring Event was held on Thursday, April 15 at the Lauderdale Grill. Lauderdale Grill kindly hosted this event at their wonderful restaurant. Denise Forum and Jamie Baker chaired this event. It was a ìWelcome to the Jungleî Tax Relief theme. We had over 130 people who attended and raised just over $3000. Each member contributed an item for the raffle baskets. This event was a huge success and fun was had by all. 

We have invited 8 women to become our new junior class. They are Kristin Arch, Allison Brown, Kirsten Brown, Liz Caldwell, Sandi Hodes, Kristi Macy, Kacey Meagher-Roder, and Kelly Walsh. The new junior orientation was held at the home of Mary Stelnicki. Sue Holden joined us and gave the history of Beaux Arts. 

There was no better person to do that than Sue! Thank you! The New/Old Junior luncheon was held at Meaghan Carrollís house. 

Our 2010-2011 new slate of officers is Gina Dettor as President, Meaghan Carroll as Vice President, Lisa Zwick will handle Membership, Cici Kelly has again stepped up to be Treasurer, Elise Alexander will be the Corresponding Secretary again, and Indee Freas will be in charge of Public Relations. Our last meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 3rd at the home of Sam Sarji. This will be the installation luncheon for our new officers. 

This year Beaux Arts has had some growing pains this year. However, the organization has only become stronger and more dedicated to helping to fund arts programs in Broward County. It seems that the members have a revitalized energy for being able to make a direct, positive impact on the arts within our community. We can move mountains when we all are working together towards the same goal. I canít wait to see what happens next.