Museum on the Move is an innovative new education program that brings Broward County school sixth graders to NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale for an interactive tour and learning experience.

Donate Today & Sponsor a Bus!

$200 = Transportation for 70 Broward County middle school students to NSU Art Museum


Museum on the Move is designed based on the principles of STEAM (science, technology, art, engineering, math) and 21st Century learning skills to supplement classroom activities and teach the importance of creative thinking to students.

“Studies have shown that arts education plays a vital role in the future of our young people. Exposure to the arts has been proven to improve academic performance as well as necessary skills such as critical thinking and communication.” – Bonnie Clearwater, NSU Art Museum Director and Chief Curator

It’s our goal to see every Broward County student have the opportunity to visit NSU Art Museum. We need your help! Here’s why:

  • Reduced public funding has resulted in Arts Education being cut from the middle school curriculum in Broward County.  
  • Museum on the Move is currently the only program of its kind in Broward County while neighboring Miami-Dade County schools have regular museum trips for all public school students.
  • Transportation is one of the most costly and time sensitive parts of this important program.  Sponsoring a Bus will allow schools to immediately schedule their sixth graders and will most effectively allow the program to expand its reach to more than 3000 students.

Visit or contact Shari Cedar (917-533-4886) to sponsor a bus today!

Donate Today & Sponsor a Bus!

$200 = Transportation for 70 Broward County middle school students to NSU Art Museum


Top Banner: Artist Samson Kambalu with Broward County students at NSU Art Museum